TOLFIN (TARGET On-Line Financial Ltd) was founded in 1971 by Mr Raymonde Sacklyn. The computerised, on-line information system was created, originally using PICK System computer software, developed by the late Dr. Pick.

TOLFIN was years ahead of its time because the computer hardware and software of 1971 could not cope, satisfactorily, with TOLFIN's rigid requirements of the early 1970s. These requirements were that independent pieces of information, on various topics, would be interfaced with individuals and corporate entities and/or real property (lands and buildings and other real assets, including, but not limited to, shares in public and private companies, ships, motor-cars, intellectual properties, etc).

Since 1975, following the successful completion of, what was then, a unique concept, TOLFIN provided its customers with direct, dial-up access, leading to a web-based search engine to its high-speed broadband servers. TOLFIN, also, initiated, at the time of its launching, a customer service hotline, whereby our experienced staff would be able to produce information within one hour of receiving a request. This is still the situation of today - and TOLFIN is proud of its reputation as being the fastest and most reliable service of its kind in the world. The PICK System was the easiest and most-reliable system for creating, and accessing, large databases back in 1971. Today, the PICK System has been replaced by the much faster and easier-to-use proprietary system: TOLFIN's present operating system.

TOLFIN's original concept was to provide a vast amount of information on specified topics, but with the overriding mandate of guaranteeing easy access by all who needed to make use of the information. This, Mr Sacklyn called, 'The One-Finger Concept'. Today, this idea is known, universally, as being user-friendly.

Other companies have come and have gone. TOLFIN, however, continues to expand, and shall continue to be the leader in its field, providing accurate information throughout Asia and round the world: We have, always, been first.

We stand by our guarantee of accuracy. TOLFIN is an accountable and visible electronic information service which is widely respected. It is a provider of information to institutions and individuals, internationally.

The original, one-finger concept is, constantly, being upgraded with state-of-the-art computer software and hardware. TOLFIN's philosophy has not changed; and, it continues to provide its clients with the most extensive, comprehensive, and easy-to-use database ever compiled. Most of TOLFIN's experienced and dedicated staff have been with the Company for nearly thirty years.

Our clients are able to access the new TOLFIN System, either in the English language or the Chinese language. This permits a TOLFIN user to have the TOLFIN information databank accessed, on-line, using English, with Chinese translations, where applicable; or, in the case of a document being, originally written in Chinese, having English translations, where applicable.